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Interview at TravelCLICK

     Well, I talked to John at TravelCLICK and the job is completely different than I thought it would be, all because of Kristina. See, Kristina is the TravelCLICK employee who does most if not all of the persuasive writing. She decided to quit, and her last day is Friday. People are sort of worried; TravelCLICK has never been quick at replacing anyone, so there’s no one lined up to do her job. That’s where I come in.

     I had thought that the primary use that they had for me was coding VBA projects to make things like the eTRAK report automated. As it stands they’re more interested in my writing skills to cover for Kristina on what may be a semi-permanent (at least as permanent as jobs are these days) basis. Can we say, “Hellz yeah!!”?

     Now, Kristina is a Senior Director (I think?) who quite probably makes six figures. She has a window office. How much of this I will get is debatable. I know I won’t be making that much money or have that kind of title, but my point is this isn’t a flimsy job.

     So now what? Well, there has been no real job offer yet. Right now, John needs to know that I can write. So he’s going to send me an email “tomorrow night” that he wants me to rewrite from a different angle; it’s a sort of negative message with a positive solution that is buy TravelCLICK’s products again. I am to send that back to him within a couple of days. After that, I’m not sure, but John is meeting with Ray (CEO #1 of 2) tomorrow and will discuss the possibility of hiring me.