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Cleaning my Room Leads to Discoveries

     Most recently I found the tapes I recorded at “Big Time Studio” in Great America. All six of them. Considering that they’re $13 a tape (add $7 if you want another song on the back) and five of the six had backs, I spent a helluva lot of money on these. So, in a meager attempt to get my money’s worth I listened to them again. I can practically order them chronologically by how badly I sucked on each. I don’t know, I guess I liked some of them, but even if I did, what do I do with them now? I certainly can’t throw them out. I’m considering exporting them to my computer. *thinks* Eeeexcelent.

     Anyway, on the topic of TravelCLICK I got that email from John and am (I guess) in the process of rewriting that email. It should be fun for me, but it’s terribly stressing. I feel like my future as a marketer depends on this one email. I know at the very least my salary will. I should get cracking. :/ Volunteers for proofing welcome, apply online.