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Worn out

     You have no idea what it took for underneath my bed to look like this. Today I tackled, wrestled and wreaked havoc upon the gigantic dust bunnies and bins of crap under my bed. I need a nap or something. Definitely. I’m getting too old to spend so much time cleaning. I never thought that I’d have this much crap; I guess being a spoiled only child and the genes to never throw stuff out shoulda clued me in.

     Brian is building a giant bubble nest, but he’s still not eating much. I try to feed him every day, like Katy’s betta ate, but he’s just not having it. I’ve fished out and thrown out more food than this fish has even touched. Such a picky little brat, eh?

     As you can see, Brian did get some new toys though. The plant and the froggies my mom bought at Walmart. Ignore how the picture distorts his nose.