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Computer update, TravelCLICK “update”

     My computer is functional. I purchased a 250gb drive from CompUSA for $209. The old hard drive is still full of disk errors and every time I turn it on it gets worse, so I’m going to wait to turn it on until we purchase the software to attempt to recover it. Hopefully I’ll get some of my data back, but I have no idea how much will actually come back. I lost so much that I can’t even think about it anymore.

     TravelCLICK hasn’t sent me so much as an email after I sent them that email revision on Friday (a week ago today). My dad tells me I should work under the assumption that “no news is good news.” In any event, I really dislike people asking me about the job and if I heard anything yet. If you want to be notified what happens with TravelCLICK when it happens, rather than annoying me, post a comment with your name and you’ll be one of the first people I tell. Thanks.

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