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Computer & TravelCLICKness

     My dad got a new Samsung 19″ flat screen CRT monitor. Good deal at newegg.com. So now I’m using the 17″ flat CRT that he was using. At least I have a monitor. The BenQ people should have gotten me a refurbished FP731 by Tuesday or Wednesday, according to their warranty policy. Oh well, I’m getting a new CPU fan (QUIET) in the mail today, as well as an external hard drive case and some thumb screws to play with.

     I got my DVDs yesterday (Matrix 3, Futurama seasons 1-3 and Simpsons season 4). Turns out I saved about 50% off of the list price. I know I saved about $30 off of the Amazon price. I was up late last night figuring out a way to tastefully display the dvd cases I’ve collected over the years. I believe I have found it.

     So, one of the people I know from TravelCLICK called me Tuesday to tell me that they are going to give me a job offer in the next week or so. However, it’s not going to be for the job I talked about before. It’s going to be the analysis and coding stuff. Once the position is filled, I will do some marketing communications work. I figure this is mostly because I’m still “fresh out of college” to them, in spite of the fact that I worked there for three years. A lot of people would be offended if I took that job “fresh out of college.” Such is the business world.