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Alan & Other Activities This Weekend

     Well, after a slight bus problem, Alan is getting a ride to the suburbs from Will tonight really late. He’s getting driven back (also by Will) on Monday. I’m so glad all that is finally nailed down – and that I don’t have to drive 10 hours this weekend.

     Saturday is going to be a big day. I’m working on getting everybody from floor 8 HH last year together (and others are welcome of course) to go to fireworks and karaoke. If you’re interested (and you haven’t received an email about it by the end of the day today), give me a call or email me. You could leave a comment too, since I get those emailed to me, if that’s easier. I still have a lot of planning to do for that though.

     I’ve got a lot to do (clean my room, shower, pick up El Faro’s – awesome Mexican food – and schedule this thing for Saturday), so I’m gonna go.