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     Alan’s here, and we have been watching Futurama most of the time. We went to see Spiderman 2 last night, and I was overwhelmingly not impressed with it. Predictable and uninteresting. Of course, I’ll post about it on my forum sometime soon.

     My car is fixed. I can hardly believe it. It rides like a whole new car, instead of like a car that should look 10 years older. Stupid dealers put in a bad spark plug wire that ended up scarring my tubey thing because it wasn’t putting the electricity where it should go. Bleech.

     Anyway, tonight is the outing, and these are the plans:

5:30 – Meet at Karen’s house

6:00 – Dinner at Giordano’s

8:00 – Minigolf at Congo River

9:45 – Fireworks in Schaumburg (they’re displayed after the Flyers baseball game)

10:30 (or whenever the fireworks are over) – Karaoke at TGI Fridays