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Back to Normal

     Saturday was a lot of fun. I’m glad that almost everyone was able to go. The fireworks didn’t happen, but I ended up watching them on Sunday anyway. The karaoke and minigolf were as good as could be expected. I’m glad it wasn’t raining for the minigolf and that we finally got a booth by the karaoke thing in Friday’s that the younguns could sit at. It’s the stupid new manager at Friday’s, I know it. Yep.

     On Sunday, Katy left and we took Alex home. Then Alan, my dad and I went to my grandma’s for the 4th of July party. We watched “The Missing” and “Master and Commander” on her new gigantic HDTV (something like 74″). Alan and I (with my parents) saw the fireworks, and that was very nice. Spending that time with him felt special, similar to how it felt last year when we saw the fireworks in his town.

     On Monday, Alan and I went to El Faro’s. It is truly fantastic Mexican food, although Alan isn’t particularly fond of Mexican food or lettuce, so I’m not sure he enjoyed it. For dinner we went to Omega, which is one of the only decent restaurants (non-chain, anyway) in my area. It was, well, decent, and not particularly great, but what can you do. After that I took Alan to Will, who drove him home.

     So now it’s Tuesday, and I got my replacement BenQ FP731 LCD in the mail. Finally. It seems to be working fine (no blue screens yet, knock on wood) with my new video card and motherboard. That’s a good sign. I can’t tell if it has any dead pixels, so I think there are none. Every time I think I see one, I just push on the screen a little with my finger and it goes away. It’s very strange, but I won’t complain. Maybe I will get a second one of these.

     TravelCLICK is pretty much done with. I rejected their offer, primarily because it would be just doing ROIs (return on investment analyses), which is what I was doing most of last summer, and nothing else – in the job description. In all likeliness, I would be assigned to many VBA projects (also like last summer) which are worth much more than what I would be getting paid (not to mention, what I would be getting paid was low for an analyst anyway). In short, I would be doing something I dislike along with something that’s remotely interesting, but only being paid for doing what I dislike. I guess it’s back to the drawing board.