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Better, Hung Out with Nicole, Lexi

     Saturday’s youth group reunion was more fun than I expected it to be. I talked to Michelle and Amanda a lot. We played volleyball for a while, which was nice since I haven’t played in probably a year or two. Amanda, her boyfriend Tom and I went to Dairy Queen. The three of us and Michelle were supposed to go to some karaoke bar in Bartlett, but Michelle never called.

     That night, Nicole and I went to Cue Can Do, which is a bar (apparently with a cover charge, I had no idea) that has pool. Nicole and I got a table and we played some 8 Ball (and she beat me once even though she’d hardly ever played before). Then some guy bought us drinks. We thought that was cool and kept playing. Then he comes by and talks to us, which was okay, and he wanted us to go to some football game. We said, “Sure,” but I can’t say I ever intended on going. So anyway, we go back to our drinks and they’ve risen in amount left by a significant amount. Nicole’s, for one, was almost gone before we talked to the guy, but then when we came back it was at least 3/4 full. Needless to say we were quite weirded out. We didn’t drink any more of our free drinks and left shortly after. We went back to my house and watched The Fast and the Furious. It was definitely an entertaining night.

     Yesterday, I hung out with Lexi, Scott (Lexi’s husband), Rich (their friend) and Bill (Scott’s brother). We went to Portillo’s, then bowling. After that, Lexi and I went to the mall (which was sadly mostly closed), and back to Scott’s parents’ place for a game of UFO. After that, we went to T.G.I. Friday’s on Army Trail for NTN (that trivia game thing). So we’re doing that for a while, and Dan, the karaoke guy from the other T.G.I. Friday’s (on Saturday nights, I usually go with Renee and Michelle), shows up to do karaoke there. I had no idea they did karaoke there (and neither did anyone else we went with), and we ended up sticking around to sing some songs. I did And All That Jazz, because none of the people there (aside from Dan) had heard me sing it. Lexi was really shocked. She kept saying, “I had no idea,” and “That was so hot.” I’m glad I was amusing. A while after that, we went home.

     Last night was one of the first times in the past week or two that I felt completely not depressed. I think it helps to be social and hang out with people. It’s hard for me to feel good about myself when I’m sitting at home playing Gunbound all day, I suppose.