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Met with Jenny, Still Want a Doggy

      Last night, I went to Idols Sports Club to see Jenny Guilfoyle, since her booking company brought the group Emotion there for a gig.  It was the first time I’d seen her in something like four years.  We were best friends in high school.  It’s weird how time can fly like that.  Anyway, she’s working, happy, and even healthy.  When we were in high school, she was definitely underweight.  Huzzah to the new Jen – boobs and ass, who’d have thunk?!

      After the bar thing (which ended at around 1am or so), we went to pick up her car and then back to her place for a good old fashioned sleep over.  We played Mario Kart Double Dash (or something like that) on her Gamecube.  Now I need one :-P.  My birthday is coming up, I suppose.  (Mark your calendars for August 23!)  After all the video gaming, we stayed up until it was light out talking about stuff, like Brian Wrightson (I was in NABAS with him, she went to Elmhurst with him), our respective long-term boy toys, and other such things.

     I woke up at around 2pm and played more Double Dash, then went home.  I finally got to talk to Alan on the phone, since our schedules had been conflicting a bit lately, and that was nice and happy and all.  He seems to be having a good time in Champaign.  I miss him, and it’s hard to be this far away, but I believe we’re doing better than most with the long distance thing.  It helps to have a good attitude, put in a lot of effort on communication and utilize a good workout regimen.

     I still want a dog.  I told my parents, and they seem to be at least not completely against the idea.  We aren’t going to get one right away, because we want things to settle down at home first (since I don’t have a job yet, we may consider moving closer to my dad’s current job, or other things like that).  I’ve changed my mind on the dog I want, though. 

Isn’t he precious?  He’s a Toy American Eskimo, like a Samoyed (sled dog) only smaller.