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      Well, today was good.  I am happy.  Last night I finished putting up the older pictures on my web site.  You should check them out, there’ s a ton.  Today I worked out (which is getting to be “as usual”) and went to Fridays with Renee, Michelle, Jessica (Michelle’s roommate), and Ryan (who I think will very soon be dating Jessica).  After that we went bowling.  I bowled a crappy 84, but it was still enjoyable. 

      I still want a dog, but mom asked me if I would rather have a bunny.  Now I am perplexed.  /me contemplates the wonderful world of bunnies vs. the wonderful world of little doggies.

     I talked to Alan on the phone.  We had a nice, happy conversation.  It made me feel warm and gooey… which promptly made up my mind about exercising tomorrow.  I definitely must.  😛