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Chicago: Shopping

      So, today Renee, Michelle, Jessica, Ryan and I (the same group from yesterday) went to downtown.  We took the train, and we got a cab to The Grand Lux Cafe (which I highly recommend; apparently it’s a branch of the Cheesecake Factory that owns it).  I didn’t have my good camera, but I had my phone, so I took these pictures.

Jessica and Ryan

Renee, Michelle and me

      After that we hit a few stores.  It was raining off and on all day, but I never had to use my umbrella.  I bought a tank top from the gap because it matched a skirt I really like and I considered a pair of shoes.  After all this, Renee wanted to hit a bar, but we just went back to Union Station.  Everything seemed to close at 6pm today, it sucked!  Anyway, once we were at Union Station, the McDonald’s’ shake machine was broke, they were out of hot chocolate, and they couldn’t make sundaes for a reason I missed.  Tsk tsk to them. 

     I got home and my feet hurt.  I talked to Alan on the phone today, but he seemed kind of unhappy since he accidently slept in until 2pm today (his class starts at 10am).  He was also a little behind in his work.  I can’t wait to see him this weekend.  I miss him a lot.