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Another Day

      So today was reasonably dull.  I was on the elliptical, which is usually a bit on the creaky side.  Today, though, it made a much louder and more urgent breaking noise.  Apparently there’s nothing we can do that will fix it, since it’s made with some plastic where it should be metal.  Damn you, health rider, and your cheap parts!  Here’s a very technical diagram.  If you can fix it, I’ll give you a cookie. 

     I did a little job searching today, but I quickly got frustrated.  I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be.  If it was so fun and exciting, more people would enjoy changing jobs.  I still haven’t heard back from Serena Sturm, and I think the soonest I would hear anything would be this Friday.  They said “a week or so,” (where a week was this past Friday), and things always run a little slower than scheduled.

     Other than that, I showed my dad the first episode of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0289830/ Taken.  It’s pretty good, and it’s the kind of show he’d like.  I think I’m gonna wait to watch the last few episodes with Alan, since I watched the first seven or eight with him.  He’s seen them before. 

Feeling: Concerned

Listening to: Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven