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Heard back from Serena Sturm

     I got a letter in the mail from Serena Sturm that said I didn’t get the job. They gave it to someone who had experience working in architecture before. I applied to another job today.

I’m going to lunch with my cousin tomorrow. I’m going to Katy’s party on Saturday, and I’m going to karaoke that night with Arun and Suketu (and maybe others). I never have plans, this is weird.

     I am working on a very ugly rug to give me something to do. I plan to turn it into a pillow for a doggy. I want a dog. No, it’s not because of this picture of a Giant Frickin Bunny, but that wouldn’t be a bad reason. Yeah, that’s a freaky looking animal.

Feeling: Fed up

Listening to: The Decemberists – July, July!