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Shopping and Bunnies and Bears, OH MY!

     Today started off pretty boring. I played some Gunbound. I ordered a good surge protector (after my hard drive/motherboard/who knows what else got fried last time) and a new version of Norton Internet Security (because I wanted the firewall, and it was just as expensive to get it alone as it was to get it with antivirus 2004 et cetera). Yep, dull as a dung bucket.

     Then, Jen and I decided to go to the mall (Woodfield). I got to try on my Frederick’s Corset (in black of course), which fit like a charm. Too bad the internet site is out of stock and it’ll take a month to get here. I guess that’s what happens when you pay half price for the goods.

     (That’s a poor picture of Jen – my phone’s camera isn’t all that great at taking pictures when you’re walking by Forever 21…) Jen found a shirt with a turtle on it that was like an ad for her lost turtle, very cute. We plowed through probably six different clothing stores… and I restrained myself. Jen saw a poster of the new Harry Potter movie that she hadn’t seen before, so she was happy and bought that. We got hit on by some creepy guy working at the Sbarros (which has shockingly good dipping sauce for their breadsticks). I got an Apple Peach Smoothie from this smoothie place Jen likes (very huzzah). We ended up at a Build-A-Bear, and Jen got me FLOPPY. He’s so cute! And soft! And he has bendable ears! What more could you ask for?

(That’s Floppy, the lovely buildabear bunny)

     So, after all that was through, we went back to my house and watched Chicken Run, which neither of us had seen in a long time. Then we ended up talking with my dad about Mongolia and (rawr) killing kittens.

     Rebecca from TravelCLICK sent me more work to do, and I got a small paycheck from them in the mail for stuff that I had done before. I may be doing more work for them, if the money makes it worth it. I did request that I get paid more, and it seems a little unclear what their response was. I need to send her an email tonight about that … gah, work puts me in a bad mood. Time to play with Floppy.

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