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Really Busy Weekend

     Saturday was Katy’s party. We played volleyball, swam, played water dodge ball badmintoned, and smored. It was a lot of fun. She has the cutest dog, apparently it’s a Tibetan Spaniel.

It has joined my list of dogs I want. Then I had to go… but before I left, I took these pictures of Alex, Mel & Katy, respectively.

     I had to go because I was meeting Nicole, Arun, Suketu, Wang, Matt, Pete and some other Indian guy at TGI Fridays for karaoke. Except, apparently karaoke was cancelled. I don’t know if there will be karaoke anymore, Sean the bartender seemed to think that last Saturday was the last karaoke. 🙁

     The boys had just gotten back from seeing Harold & Kumar go to White Castle, apparently. Suketu and some others apparently had never been there, so we went. Yeah, it was ghetto and a half. Nobody who hadn’t White Castle before was pleasantly surprised. At least we got to watch a motorcyclist fail a sobriety test across the street.

     So then, I got home and I continued doing work for Rebecca. Apparently they accepted my raise, which is great. I was up until 4am. I put four hours in on Saturday.

     I got woken up this morning by Jen calling and calling me a lazy bum at 11am. We went to Pizzeria Uno (very very good!) at four and saw The Village at 6pm. I was not impressed. See my opinions on the forum.

     I haven’t heard from Alan since Thursday. I’m pretty upset about it today, because he hasn’t even IMed me. He’s at hockey now, so I’m waiting for them to shut the lights off (at 11:30pm). He really needs to stop working two part time jobs while going to school, but he won’t listen to me.

Feeling: Was excstatic this weekend, getting sad again.

Listening to: Evanescence – Bring Me To Life