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AFLAC *Quack*

     Krissy from AFLAC called me at 10am this morning to tell me that she wants to offer me a contract. I was expecting this call on Monday, so I was a little surprised. I either need to call her back (probably) or go to “the monthly regional meeting in DeKalb at 9am on Monday” to “see how it goes.” I’m still a little curious as to where the money comes from and goes to, but I told her I’d probably call with a couple more questions today. Be a sport and download the AFLAC duck screensaver. I recommend without sound.

     I guess it’s time to stop being a bum and actually get some stuff done today. Namely, I want to do everything I was supposed to do yesterday, like write up my hours for Rebecca, post on the forum about the movies I saw this weekend, and shower. You know, those little tasks. Anyway, I should be getting to that.

Feeling: Headache, but Ambitious

Listening to: Josie and the Pussycats – You’re a Star