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Ow Ow Ow

     My back really really hurts. Ugh, somebody shoot me. I emailed Krissy from AFLAC today to tell her that I won’t be taking the position at AFLAC. It was hard to let money go, but I can’t see myself enjoying that job.

     On Saturday, I woke up to receive an email from Rebecca (from TravelCLICK). She was pretty frantic, as there was a little bug in my VBA code, and she hadn’t tested it like I expected her to. I put in about an hour’s worth of time fixing what she seemed to describe as the problem, so add another hour to my timesheet with another $40. Huzzah.

     Last night, Renee, Jen and I had a little girls night in sort of thing. Renee bought 12 wine coolers and a bottle of peach chardonnay, and Jen bought a 6 pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Yep, Renee was plastered (and insisted “I’m not drunk!” while also saying the following amusing quotes… “Yes! Yow! Go! Blue!” “I remember the frosted cock,” “How does a piss-horse race?” “Let’s listen to the soundtrack of ’13 Going On 80′!” “How do you spell ‘frog’?” and “I told you it was Saturday Tuesday ago!” We talked online, colored, and talked a lot of girl talk. They slept over.

     At 7 in the morning, Jen got up to use the bathroom. I didn’t completely wake up, but when she returned I sat up a bit, looked at her, and fell back asleep. She laughed at me. When I woke up I didn’t know if I’d dreamed that, because I fell immediately back into a dream after I saw her. I had to get up at 10am to drive Renee home; she had to work. Then, Jen and I tried to feed the squirrel in my backyard peanuts. We had only mild success.

     After Jen left, I played a lot of Gunbound. I’m a double sided silver axe now (I know, I rock), and Aloshya (Trevor) and I made a guild. It’s called “Doctor,” so when it displays the name, I would be Doctor kabby. I thought it was neat. I also bought myself a Pet-AD (I had the dizzy glasses for my bunge suit, but the pet adds shield which I want). That was a lot of fun. I wish I could play now, but the servers are down for “maintenance.” Oh well.

     Tomorrow the case for my cousin’s computer should be in stock at newegg, so I’ll buy that (and hopefully get it on Wednesday).

     I’m having a hard time not calling Alan. I told him I wanted him to have a peaceful and relaxing time in Minnesota, so I wouldn’t call him while he was gone. I miss him so much more when I don’t get to hear from him. The girls night in helped, but I’m still lonely. I hope his trip was nice enough, and that my sacrifice helped him to enjoy himself.

Feeling: Tired and a Bit Jaded.

Listening to: Aerosmith – Crazy