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Bending it Like Bender B. Rodriguez

     After a very exciting weekend, today was rather slow. I wasn’t a bum today, but I didn’t go out of the house either. I finally got to call Alan (yeay!), although he couldn’t talk when I called and had to call back a few hours later. I would have been upset, but he apologized, and he did call me back before I called him. He also told me that he bought me my birthday presents. I was shocked. This may be one of the special times that he gives me my present on time – or actually, EARLY. This made me very happy. He’s at an Indian Casino tonight, that should be fun.

     I watched Bend it Like Beckham today, since Jen left it at my house. It was similar to many of the romantic and mushy movies that have come out recently. I actually learned a few things that I didn’t know about Indian culture (despite having a few Indian friends). It makes me glad I don’t know anything about Poland, aside from the fact that my mom knows the “We like Perrogies” commercial song from forever ago.

Feeling: Special (and not in the retarded way)

Listening to: Weezer – Susanne