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Champaign Visit v6.0

     Friday I went to North Beach with my cousin Amy, her friends Melissa and Erica, Jen and Nicole. We had free drinks for an hour. I had three (Fuzzy Navel, Amaretto Sour, Rum & Coke), then I felt like I had to stop. The bartenders who tend the free parties are definitely trainees. I told the one guy to make me a Fuzzy Navel and he looked at me like I’d just asked for a picture of a dog screwing a cat. Shortly after the drinks were cash only, Jen, Nicole & I ditched Amy & pals to go to Steak N Shake (we were hungry). It was good times. Thanks to Nicole for driving and to everyone for coming out for my birthday!

     Saturday morning I woke up at 9am to drive to Alan’s in Champaign. He has a new apartment now, which is super nice, but the internet doesn’t work yet. Alan was pretty pissed about that. We first went to lunch at Giovanni’s, then we went to Beverly to check the times for AVP and “dicked around” (Alan’s new phrase) in Meijer for an hour. The movie was okay, but nothing spectacular. (Review soon on the forum) Alan gave me my birthday presents (the Miracle DVD and a cute picture…)

     Alan somehow convinced me to let him play hockey for a couple of hours. After that, we made some pasta together and watched my DVD. By the time it was over, I was falling asleep. It was a very nice day. Did I mention how nice his apartment is?

     Today was contrastingly frustrating, on the whole. It started off okay. Alan, Alex & I went to Zorba’s. Alex gave me Bobcat, named after Dr. Zoidberg’s nickname on Futurama.

     Then, Alan & I had to run to Best Buy to get some VHS tapes he needed for his TA microteaching tomorrow, and while we were returning, he ran into Will who was moving into the apartment. I had a hard time finding a parking spot. The first time Will’s parents saw me, I was drinking straight from the juice container out of the fridge. After Will moved in, Djenia moved in. The first time Djenia’s dad saw me, I burped… he was a couple of feet away. Nice first impressions. Anyway, we briefly went up to Heidi’s birthday party. I felt unspecial, because no one knew of (or probably cared about) my birthday there. I guess it’s because they’re not really my friends, so I shouldn’t hold it against them. After that I had to leave, which sucked because I hadn’t gotten to spend too much time doing things with Alan.

     On 57, I ran into an INSANE amount of traffic before I even hit my half hour point. It added an extra 30 minutes to my ride home — all for one lane merge at 10:00 at night on an expressway that’s almost always empty. I wanted some hot chocolate, but I figured the first rest stop (which was about 20 minutes after the traffic jam ended) would be packed, so I waited for the second one. The second one was backed up the entrance ramp with trucks trying to fit in the parking lot to sleep. The hot chocolate machine in the rest stop was broken. There were two guys in the back of the rest stop talking about “..but the sign says the rest area uses video surveillance..” Then, to top it all off, parked next to my car was a van with a guy standing outside the open back door to the van. That has always been a bad situation, according to most “accident prevention” sorts of places. Luckily, when I was going back to my car, a guy was just getting out of his, parked next to mine. Talk about suckage. I just want to go to sleep. I’m a slave to blogger.

Happy birthday to me (tomorrow).

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