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Champaign Visit v7.0

     I know it has been a long time since I have posted. This past week has been very busy due to planning and celebrating multiple birthdays. For the sake of brevity, some events of the past week may be omitted.

     On Monday, I hung out with Jen*. We went to lunch, went shopping, and tried to go to the Oberweis for ice cream but it was closed due to a blackout. It was the only store in the vicinity with such a power failure, so we were pretty bummed. We started to put together a puzzle at my house, while watching movies and eating pizza. She slept over. The picture below details the lovely presents I got from her.

     Tuesday, again, I believe, I hung out with Jen. Same with Wednesday, but only after buying her presents for her birthday party on Thursday. This was quite an ordeal. I went to Stratford, two Targets (one of them twice, so three total Target trips), and a Walmart (twice as well). The lengths that one goes to for friends with birthdays 😛 Anyway, after I got all that shopping done, Jen and I went to Michaels and bought crochet materials. I started making a blanket. I gave up on that a day later to make a potholder instead. The potholder got done. The blanket, not so much. Right now, I’m working on a scarf, which isn’t going too well, because I can’t count.

     Thursday was Jen’s birthday party. I had fun, although I hadn’t met any of the other people there before that day. They turned out to be pretty cool, and we played some games, watched movies, ate CHILI CHEESE DIP and pizza. Mmm… *drools over chili cheese dip*

     Most of Friday I spent organizing my party. This took some doing, since at this point I had a date but no real location. It took a considerable amount of coaxing to get Alan to agree to let me have it at his apartment. I got to Champaign at around 1pm Saturday afternoon. Alan and I went grocery shopping. I talked him into buying me some pretty flowers (which were only $2.09). They’re really more beautiful than this picture shows. Not to mention, this picture was taken two and a half days after he bought them.

     The party went very well, in my opinion. The “How to Host a Murder” game was enjoyed by everyone, it seems. We played “An Affair to Dismember,” which is a Halloween-themed whodunit game. I was a depressed witch, Alan was a musical-loving Frankenstein, Lexi was a fortune teller, Sara was an evil dentist, Jen* was a goth chick, Alex was a kosher cannibal, Mitch was the prince of dimness, and Nathaniel was a smooth dressing mummy. The game lasted a few hours, and I’m surprised it kept everyone’s interest for that long. If I was sure that I would have the right amount of people, I would probably do it again, in spite of the game’s hefty price tag of $35. Thanks to Jen for the cute puppy!

     Sunday was relaxing. I cleaned up the party mess, then woke Alan up (so he was at least indifferent about having the party at his apartment). Then we watched Men in Black since I hadn’t seen it in a long time. After this, we went to Outback for dinner with Pavel and Vicki, who were 30 minutes late because Vicki lost her keys (tsk tsk). Thank God for appetizers.

     That brings me to today (phew). I applied for seven jobs today, because I really should be doing more of that appling for jobs stuff. I worked more on my scarf, but then I decided that it wasn’t going well and pulled half of it out for the second time. I really need to start counting (and counting correctly). I spent the other half of the day finishing up the puzzle that Jen and I started on my birthday. It was harder than hell, because it was 1000 pieces and about half of it was out of focus, but at least it’s cute, right?

* Note that there are two Jens in this entry – the Jen I talk about at home is Jen from high school, and the Jen I talk about in Champaign is Jen my suitemate from last year at HH.

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