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New Hard Drive

     I heard about a decent deal at Best Buy, so I bought a new hard drive. I am not sure if the one that was damaged in the power surge will be okay when I format it, plus it is IDE (not SATA like the other two hard drives in there). If I need more space in my external, I can put the 120GB one in there (to replace the 80GB). Right now I’m going through my backup files to determine if I can deal with formatting the broken drive. I think I have saved enough off of it to let it go; I just wish that the software would let me do a complete backup (instead of crashing each time). It takes 10 hours to complete the scan of the hard drive, and more time to copy those folders to another hard drive, and each time it crashes I have to go through the whole process again.

     I shipped the case back to eCost.com, so hopefully we are done with them. I took a nap today, which was superb. I highly recommend them.

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