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I Just Woke Up

     There are some joys to being unemployed. Sleeping in until noon is one of them. It seems that Renee talked to Matt this morning, and she knows how much she screwed this situation up by being so drunk the other night. I had been telling her that what she did was bad for her and Matt, because I didn’t want to lie, but I have the feeling that Matt was a little harsher than me. The truth of the matter is, and this is what she needs to learn out of this situation, she needs to have enough confidence in herself to go with the flow. If he doesn’t like her, she’s still a worthwhile person, or, if he is an ass, she doesn’t need him to be happy. She can’t keep running on air like this; she’ll end up in a dead end relationship (if not a dead end marriage) where the guy beats her or something.

     I’m going to shower and eat lunch, and then I think Renee and I (maybe my mom, too, I’m still trying to convince her to get me a bunny) are going to Petsmart to see Jen. She seemed to be doing remarkably better than I expected last night when I came over, but Jen is very good at putting on a happy face without meaning it. The difference between Renee’s rejection and Jen’s rejection is not as big as you think. Even though Jen has more self confidence than Renee, she has been involved with this Tom kid for about two years. The two of them may benefit from mutual moping.

     So, on to happier things. Jen has three female rodents now. They’re “siberian hamsters.” Essentially, the’re really small and fuzzy hamsters which are super cute. One of them is probably sick and may die, but the other two are pretty energetic. They were up for “adoption” at Petsmart, which means that they weren’t sure of their heritage, so they gave them out for free instead of selling them. Sounds like a good deal to me. I told her that if they ever have a bunny up for adoption, he’s all mine… but he would have to be dropped off by some person and not caught by Petsmart people, since Petsmart will take care of animals if they are abandoned in the store, and Petsmart does not carry bunnies.

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