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Congested, as Usual

     Well, I did shower and go to see Jen at work with Renee. However, we did not get to pet the chinchilla :(. She was kind of busy, so Renee and I went to Michaels, Sbarro, and Barnes & Noble. I started to teach Renee how to crochet. When Jen was done with work, we went to the mall for a little while, then to Walmart. We stopped off at her place so that she could change and pick up some stuff to bring to my house, and we found one of her hamsters (the sick one) died. We had a short burial service in her back yard, then played with the other two for quite a while. They’re small and precious.

     We got back to my place and ate dinner, then we watched Scooby Doo and Scooby Doo 2. Renee came over for a while, but she left because she said she was feeling sick. Matt called her and told her he found out that she was “dating” Chad and that he wasn’t going to talk to her again. After she left, Renee called me twice and emailed me. I don’t understand why she didn’t just stay over. Anyway, she really needs to cut and run with this Matt boy. She just messed up so badly that she doesn’t even REMEMBER the terrible things she did.

     Jen slept over last night, and we woke up at around 10am. We watched Maury (it was talented kids this time, not paternity tests for a change). She left shortly after, because she had to work. I’m supposed to get my cousin’s computer’s case in tomorrow, so I will FINALLY be able to assemble it. It’s ridiculous, because we ordered all the parts August 4th. Stupid eCost.com. I’m never shopping there again.

Feeling: Sick and Congested

Listening to: The Ramones – I Wanna be Sedated