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Crocheting with One Hand in my Pocket

     Well, a couple of interesting things happened today, but in all honesty it was a pretty slow day. My NewEgg.com sticker came. I’m working on my purple scarf. Renee is more or less depressed. I had Lou Malnati’s for dinner (yum) and called Alan shortly after, but he couldn’t talk. Jen works until close today, so I’m short on friends with nothing to do at the moment, unless I want Renee to talk about Matt, Matt, Matt for the rest of the day and possibly crying on my shirt. It doesn’t sound that exciting to me. I’ll stick to my scarf.

     On a bland side note, I had been crocheting all wrong. What I thought was a “single crochet” was really half of the stitch, and what I thought was a “double crochet” was really a “single crochet.” So that’s why Alan’s hat was coming out funny (at least, that’s what I think). I’m practicing the *real* single crochet on my scarf, but I don’t like it as much as my 1/2 crochet. The way I was doing it before left no big holes, and single crochet does. I guess it has to do with the size hook I’m using too (I am using a 9mm N hook).

Feeling: Stuffed

Listening to: Alanis Morrisette – One Hand in my Pocket