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My Child Loves Me

     My cousin’s computer is giving her lots of stupid video card driver problems. First there’s the one that came with it made her computer restart when it saw the 3D Flowerbox screensaver (even the mini one in her display properties menu). Rolling back the driver fixed it, but she still can’t get her cames to run. They turn the screen black and then minimize. I want to go to sleep.

     I visited Jen at work for adoption day. Then we went to Jewel and bought stuff. Then we went to her house, baked cookies, pizza, and chili dip. We watched Beauty and the Beast, and then we were too tired to watch another movie, so I went home.

     The hat I’m crocheting for Alan finally looks like a hat this time. This is its fourth incarnation. I want to go finish that and go to bed.

Feeling: Allergied

Listening to: I’m the Only Gay Eskimo (SNL?)