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Been Busy, Sick, and Interviewed

     So, let’s start with yesterday. I finished the hat for Alan in the morning.

     I went to Michaels with Jen, then we went to Target and Walgreens. We got Chinese take out and watched the second Harry Potter movie. Then I finished my scarf. I started my hat.

     I went home and did some preparing for the interview this morning, and tried to fall asleep. I wasn’t very good at falling asleep.

     [Job] I woke up at 6:30 and went to the interview with All Tile, Inc. It was surprisingly good. The guy there seemed to be very impressed with my experience (not only my “college degree – a big plus,” but the stuff I did for TravelCLICK). My original read on the guy seems to be right; he focused the interview not on the “is Karen right for this position” idea but on “is this position right for Karen.” I won’t say that this was the easiest interview I’ve been on (he did have one good stumper for me), but I did have a good feeling about no longer being unemployed. He said he would offer me “as high as he could go” – if he gave me an offer. I had the feeling that the “if” part was very non-existant but there for technical reasons. He did have 12 more interviews to go. He said he’d let me know Friday afternoon or “early next week at the latest.”

     Then I went over to Renee’s to crochet for a while. I finished my hat…

     …and started on a steering wheel cover. If anyone really wants something, now’s the time to ask. I’m running out of things that I can crochet (and not become a crazy crochet lady). Hats take about a day. Scarves take a few days to a week, depending on their width and length. Renee wanted me to come to work with her, but I didn’t want to swim laps or sit there and crochet some more. I’m glad I didn’t go, because now I feel sick. I am in dire need of a nap.

Feeling: Sick to my Stomach and Head

Listening to: Norah Jones