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Someone Please Solve

     I was supposed to go to Champaign this weekend. Alan found out about this conference for computer games in Chicago that Corner Suite Studios is pretty much all going to. Here’s the problem:

The Facts:

The conference is Saturday from 9am to 5pm. With or without Alan, transport between this conference and Champaign will occur on Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday evening. I am very emotionally drained. Alan has papers to grade, a project to do, and other work for the weekend, due Tuesday at the soonest.

Alan’s Side:

1) The conference has many different parts; he would be the only one going to the game design something part.

2) This conference is $60. They’re usually much more expensive than that.

3) These conferences only happen a few times a year.

4) He wants me to go see him next weekend instead (which screws up my pattern; long story). He has a test to study for that weekend, making it a very undesireable time to visit. In addition, I may very well be working by then (which would mean I could only go Saturday morning and leave Sunday before his CSS meeting).

My Side:

1) I had asked him if I could come out to visit before he heard about the conference.

2) The company already has multiple books and the internet to research what he wants to learn from this conference.

3) If I do not see him this weekend, I will not get to see him for a month (save the next weekend clause).

4) If I do start work soon (which is somewhat likely), I will no longer be able to attend improv meetings, which would make this Thursday the last time I could go.

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