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The Solution

     Apparently Alan isn’t going to the conference. This isn’t because I’m a bitch and I didn’t let him, this is because Corner Suite Studios isn’t going. Alan was kind of upset about it, but he couldn’t do much, because he doesn’t have a car. None of the people who wanted to go had a car. Go figure.

     At the time that I got a hold of him (just about a half hour ago), I had already talked to Sara about staying over Friday night at her place, so that Alan could go and I wouldn’t be crashing at his apartment while he was gone. I suppose this isn’t necessary now, although I’m sure I’ll see Sara this weekend.

     So, the plan is, I’m driving down to Champaign Thursday for improv. Alan is being used as a shield by Becky to try to give the hint to this guy that the dinner and a movie he invited her to is not a date that same night. Hopefully this will work such that we have a barbeque with him (so I can eat dinner with them) and go to the movie while I’m at improv. So long as they’re back before 11pm, I’m set. If not, something else will have to be figured out, like Becky actually telling the guy that it’s not a date.

     I will be in Champaign until Saturday or Sunday, depending on Alan’s workload. I know Alan was looking forward to the conference, and it really sucks that he can’t go, but it made scheduling for this weekend go much better. I truly appreciate that.

Feeling: Relieved.

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