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Champaign Visit v9.0, Day 1

     I tried to post yesterday, but the browser lost my entry after the post failed. Anyway, I finished that steering wheel cover.

     [Job] I wrote a thank you to the All Tile guy yesterday, and I got an email back from him. I could be wrong, but he didn’t seem as excited as he was before. This might mean that there are other candidates that he is interested in, or that he feels like he messed up in my interview by telling me too much. Who knows. I won’t find out today (I don’t think), so I’ll have to wait until “early next week.”

     Yesterday I dropped off a CD with drivers for my cousin since her computer (the one I built) is still having video card driver problems, and she has a dial-up connection (so it would take forever for her to download the drivers herself). I had almost forgotten how slow that was.

     Alan, Rob, Becky, Will and I had BBQ turkey sausage and brats for dinner. After that I went to improv (and Alan went to play hockey). Improv was a lot of fun. I gave away the hat I had made for Alan because the color really did not suit him. I am going to make Alan another one out of plain black (instead of the gray that I had). But the real question is: Where did Lexi’s legs go?!

     We went to Fridays after improv for dessert. After that I went back to Alan’s apartment and we watched Die Hard before he fell asleep. He’s still sleeping now, actually. He hasn’t gotten a lot of sleep lately so I decided it would be good to let him sleep in today. In another hour, though, I’m sure I’m going to start throwing things at him to wake him up.

Feeling: Congested, even after taking Benadryl.

Listening to: Nothing, because I don’t want to wake Alan up.