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Champaign Visit v9.0, Day 2

     Yesterday was a lot of fun. After we woke up, Alan made me pancakes and sausage and Will made eggs. It was very tasty (and very amusing to see the men cooking for the woman). Don’t worry, I did the dishes after. I’m not a complete slacker.

     After breakfast (it was around 3:30), we watched the second Die Hard movie (we had watched the first one on Thursday night). It was okay, but the first one was definitely better. From what I hear, the third one is the best, and I think I’ve seen that one already. According to IMDb, they’re coming out with a fourth one in 2006. I didn’t think these movies were that good, but whatever.

     We went to Cheddars after the movie, and it was okay. I had a hard time deciding what to get, because I’d had most everything that I was interested in, and I wanted something that wouldn’t upset my stomach. I guess I’ve inherited my family’s wonderful digestive system. At least the Chips n Queso was good (as it is in most restaurants). After dinner we went to Meijer. Alan needed a couple of groceries, and I needed cookie mix (for Alex’s cookies) as well as to replace some of the toiletries I keep at Alan’s (I realized I had to do this when my toothbrush smelled funny and my shaver was growing something orange). I was excited because I found a triple blade razor for $4 (with one refill). Meijer brand conquers over Venus. I definitely like it, but I don’t know if it’s worth it to buy at home (on a regular basis).

     Once we got home, we started watching Star Wars Episode 2. It wasn’t all that great, but halfway through, a dozen people came over to the apartment. I don’t know if I can remember everyone, but I’ll try: Becky, Erin, Flow, Fred, Patter, Pat B., Pat Kim, Scott, Djenia, Vicki, Alan & me. Apparently they’d been having a party up in room 9 and Heidi kicked them out. A bunch of them continued drinking here, and Vicki, Djenia, and Pat B. all went out on the roof for a while. After a few people left, more people came over (these were neighbors that they didn’t know very well). Apparently, they’re the guys who set off that firework that woke me up at 4am as well as the ones who did the “run around and fall down” game during How to Host a Murder. It was nice to know that they lived here last year and completely harrassed the girls who were in this apartment in terms of sound without being entirely aware of it. Apparently the floors are very thin, and they would play music at what they called a normal level which would cause paintings and dishes in the sink to rattle on the floor below. Interesting concept of normal or poor construction? We may never know, but at least they say they’ve toned down since last year.

     So Alan just kind of woke up, and I told him to go back to sleep. He really hasn’t slept much lately, so he needs as much as he can get. My plan is to go to the mall with Sara soon and be gone while Alan sleeps in. I was assuming since we were up until 4am with the party last night that he would sleep in until at least 4pm, but I guess that’s not as safe a bet as I thought. Oh well, shopping is fun, and for Alan, sleeping is fun, so it should be a good day.

Feeling: Kind of tired, but excited.

Listening to: Alan’s loud keyboard clacking as I type.