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Bumming It

     I spent most of today ripping my Futurama DVDs to my computer because Alan wants to watch them. I ordered the fourth volume online, so maybe I’ll have all of them ripped by the time I go back to Champaign. Apparently the next time I go there, his parents will be in town. I haven’t seen them in a long time, since Alan hasn’t spent much time at home in the past year or so. I put up the poster that Vicki got me for my birthday, since I finally remembered to bring it home this weekend.

     [Job] No, I still haven’t heard yet. Marc from All Tile Inc. said I’d hear from him “early next week,” meaning I will probably hear something by Wednesday, with any luck.

     I finished the hat I was making for my dad. I am almost done with the hat for Renee, and I plan to finish it tonight. I’m going to the mall with her tomorrow, so I figured it’d be nice if it was done by then. I don’t know what else I’m doing tomorrow besides the mall and probably crocheting with Renee, but Jen is supposed to call after she takes her birdies to the vet. She’s worried that they have the beak and feather disease, because she’s been around birds at work that have it, and no one really knows what causes it (but it’s always fatal). That’s about it.

Dad’s Hat:

Renee’s Hat:

Feeling: Particularly good.

Listening to: Futurama Theme Song