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Champaign Visit v9.0, Day 3 & 4

     Saturday I went to the outlet mall in Tuscola with Sara. It was much further than I had expected (it’s about a half hour drive), so Alan was awake well before we got back at around 5:30. I bought 8 pairs of earrings (since I felt earring deprived). I also got The Nanny Diaries in hardcover for $4. I bought a truffle and an ice cream cone at the chocolate factory place. I was going to get this 3/4 sleeve ringer tee at the Gap (it was super soft and $9) but the only sizes they had in the color I wanted were S and XS – and they must have had about thirty of them. Go figure.

     When I got back, Alan and I met Fred, Flow, Scott, Patter and Erin at Cowboy Monkey for dinner. It’s a nice atmosphere for a bar (they have tables outside), but they had all of five entrees on their menu, with the only sides being a caesar salad, a spinach salad, or a potato salad. Alan left hungry, but he didn’t mind too much because they went to play hockey about an hour afterward.

     After hockey, Alan and Djenia made chicken stir fry as well as octopus stir fry. Octopus is very very chewy. Apparently the suction cups still work (before you cook them), and that kind of freaked me out, so I only had one piece. I made two batches of sugar cookies though. Alan kept trying to talk us all into watching Die Hard with a Vengeance, but he never successfully did. Our food was done at around midnight, so nobody was particularly up for an entire movie. Alan, Djenia, Vicki and I had a few drinks and traded philosophical musings (as people are inclined to while inebriated) before going to sleep. Apparently Vicki got locked out of apartment 9 (where she was staying for the weekend) so she slept on Alan’s couch.

     Sunday, Alan and I woke up at 2pm, in spite of getting a decent amount of sleep the night before. He and Djenia made me and Vicki breakfast. After that I took Alan grocery shopping again, and to Far East to get some basil. They gave him a huge bag full. We had a barbeque with Rob (even though he wasn’t hungry) and I did most of the grilling. I didn’t burn anything or undercook anything, so HA. Alan, being a person who very much enjoys cooking, hates it when I’m cooking. I think it also has to do with his perfectionism. I shouldn’t complain; a man that cooks is truly better than a man who does not. Beyond that, a man who enjoys cooking… damn.

     Shortly after the barbeque, I stopped by at HH to say hi to people and drop off the cookies I made for Alex. I wasn’t there very long, but I did get to see my room. I was very strange; it felt EXACTLY the same, even though there was practically nothing in there that I recognized. The only thing that I didn’t like was it had new carpet. Don’t get me wrong, the carpet was nice, but it was wrong. I guess there’s just something special about a place that you live for three years.

     I started cleaning my room when I got home (around 10:30) and I’ve been stalling ever since. I started crocheting a couple of things, but nothing is done yet. I really need to get to bed, it’s getting late. Oh well, hopefully there will be job news tomorrow from the guy at All Tile. 🙂

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