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When Brian Met Stewie

     I bought a new fish, and I named him Stewie. So now I have Brian and Stewie. Of course, they’re named after Family Guy, but since I named the first one Brian, I picked Stewie, because they pretty much hate each other and attempt to screw over if not kill one another. Since they’re betas (aka, Siamese Fighting Fish), I felt it was appropriate. The new fish came about because 1, I still haven’t gotten a puppy/kitty/bunny and 2, Petsmart has over 100 of them in stock right now, and this is my way of helping out.

     Stewie and Brian look a lot alike, but Stewie is significantly smaller. I think that’s because he’s young, but then again, I know nothing about fish’s growing patterns. I bought Brian some new toys (since he seemed to be getting bored with the current ones), and he seemed to know that something was up. I put Stewie on my desk and he’s currently hiding in the treasure chest hole. I think his new surroundings are a bit much for him to handle, having been in pretty nasty places for most of his life. Hell, if I was a beta, I’d have a heart attack simply because of all the other betas in cups around me were so close. But then again, I’m not a beta. I’m a stressed out business person. Yeah, I just noticed that whenever I type it sends a vibration to the water in the bowl (which is interesting since they’re on different platforms of the desk and he’s got three books and a towel as a buffer). Either he’s going to get used to that, I’m going to get some sort of mat for under my keyboard, or he can’t stay there :(. I really hope he can stay, because I was hoping he would help with my constant internet-mode trances. At the very least, they are interrupted by fish trances.

     So, I got back from Jen’s about an hour ago. We watched the first two disks of Futurama Volume 4, which I happily got in the mail. We did some crocheting and bonding with our new pets (she bought a beta from Petsmart too). My new scarf is coming along well. I’m done with four rows (out of ten). I thought that it would take longer, but then again, I have absolutely nothing to do lately, so I guess I should have expected it to be at this point.

Feeling: Tired, Fish-trancey

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