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Leela and Other Costumes

     Well, the Leela costume boots are still unfinished, but that’s mostly because the glue is drying. So far, I have cut, sewn (well my mom did most of that, but I was there) and glued them. I still have to cut and glue the “sole” of the shoe on them (I’m putting a black ridge around the bottom that will look like the sides of her boots since I have the extra material and I thought it would be cool). Right now the glue is drying, so I thought it would be a bad idea to work on the sole now.

     For those of you who question my costume-making abilities, I must show off. I haven’t made costumes in a long time (the most recent time had to be four years ago), and even then I didn’t do many, but I have a very strong desire to make things perfect. Call me anal, if you wish. For proof, see the below pictures of my ex-boyfriend (crazypat, for those of you who know the story) as Darth Maul (I did his makeup; he bought the costume at a store), and me as Rogue (at a comicon; I built that costume from scratch). For those of you interested in makeup for Halloween, let me tell you that the cream based makeups (that come in a tube) are far superior to any other kind of makeup I have used in terms of ease of use, coverage, and opacity. I used cream makeup for both the red and black parts of the Darth Maul face.

     For a long time I didn’t want the pic of me as Rogue to get out (I only own one copy of the picture myself), but now I figure why not. At the comicon I went to in that costume, I counted upwards of 35 guys who took a picture with me and two video cameras. One guy actually came up to me and said, “I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful,” and just walked away. I was very confused, but flattered, I suppose.

     So, apparently someone *gives evil eye to someone* bought me a subscription to Playboy. If anyone is interested in a free subscription (as I am not), let me know.

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