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Leela Costume Updates

     Current Unfinished Projects (for those of you who were trying to keep score):

  • Leela’s Eye (out of Silk Chiffon)
  • Leela’s Boots (out of fleece, over shoes)
  • Crocheting Two Fish Warmers (just like hats, only for the fish bowls so they don’t freeze to death at night)
  • Crocheting Long Pastel Scarf (the 500 row one)
  • Crocheting Fuzzy Scarf (which I haven’t worked on in weeks)
  • (possibly) Carving Alex’s Claws (for the Dr. Zoidberg costume, out of foam)
  • Leela’s Gun (I’m getting a space gun that I’m going to paint)
  • Leela’s Hair (I bought a purple wig that I’m going to style and put in a ponytail)
  • Putting a “Handmade with Love By” Tag on my Dad’s hat
  • Putting a “Handmade with Love By” Tag on Alan’s hat

  •      So, the Leela costume. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, I’m going to be Leela from Futurama for Halloween. Which Halloween party, you ask? HellifIknow. I may have to do some traveling to celebrate in both the burbs and Chambana. Let me know if you’re going to be throwing a Halloween party! Right now, I have the clothes (tank top and black pants). I have ordered the wig and ray gun (as mentioned above). In progress still are the boots and the eye (which I’m still debating about how it will be done). I finished constructing the wrist communicator. Tada!

         I spent most of yesterday making it, because it’s very hard to get the colors right when you have four basic colors to mix. I had to mix the white, black, and “medium” blue (aka smurf blue) to make the grayish main color, and that took a few coats to get right. As for the dark blue in the center, just thank my mom for actually keeping all of those fabric “puffy” paints from when I was a kid and chemistry for crusting over the tips first (so the paint inside did not dry up). The smurf blue and black would never make that color. Damn Walmart’s poor puffy paint selection.

    Feeling: Excited about the boots.

    Listening to: Bob and Tom – Dear Penis

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