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I Got the Job Offer

     Yes, I rock. I’m calling Marc at All Tile tomorrow to accept it (I found out this morning, but I wanted to run it by my parents and everything). I’m pretty excited about it. I’m glad that I’ve finally acquired a job that I want, and they’re actually paying me almost as much as TravelCLICK offered. So, for all of you who hinted or suggested that I should have taken the job at TravelCLICK,


     For those of you who are unclear about what I’d actually be doing at the job, I’ve decided to outline marketing, especially this particular outlet of marketing. I’ll be helping Marc with writing and editing promotional material (letters to customers, letters to potential customers), designing promotional events (sales, discounts, etc), determining regional pricing, and trade shows, lots and lots of trade shows. I’ll also be doing some more boring stuff to offset the complicated stuff.

Feeling: Happy

Listening to: God forbid, a country song, Alan Jackson – Remember When

One thought on “I Got the Job Offer

  1. I’m so proud! a country song! OMG! you have seen the light 🙂

    Congrats on the job! that’s awesome!!! ::does happy dance:: go karen go karen go karen!


    P.S. Go stewie go stewie go stewie

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