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Silly me

     So, for those of you following the Playboy saga, it has come to a conclusion. The item I got in the mail was in fact a catalogue, not a magazine. Therefore, there is no subscription; the catalogue, I’m sure, is free. However, I’m not completely retarded. By looking at the cover there’s practically no way to tell. See?

     Sorry this was a bit anti-climactic. I probably got on the list for this catalogue from the people at Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood. I may, however, still cancel the subscription, because I would never endorse or purchase anything that would give money to Hugh Hefner. A girl’s gotta have principles.

     Today I’m going over to Renee’s boy (sorta) Chad’s house. He is taking us to lunch and he opened up his hot tub. Hopefully it will be a good time. Renee is expecting that they won’t be making me a third wheel, but who knows. At least it’s only gonna last until 6 or 7pm. I’m late, I’m supposed to be ready at 11, but I just woke up like 10 minutes ago, so I gotta go.

Feeling: Exhausted, and Late

Listening to: yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.