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     So I took the job with All Tile. I start Monday. Tuesday I went to Chad’s with Renee. I’m glad she found someone like him; I think they go well together. The hot tub was nice, too. Yesterday I went to Ruby Tuesdays with Jen to celebrate me getting my job. Then we went back to her place to see her newest animal-in-need. For those of you keeping track, these are her pets: two budgies (Flick and Hermes), a golden retriever (Buddy), one Russian dwarf hamster (Buttercup; Bubbles and Blossom died from being weened from their mother too soon), two beta fish (one is Trip and one is unnamed), and a guinea pig (Lilly) who is disabled. The guinea pig had been sold at Petsmart (Jen was sad, she wanted to buy her) a week or so ago, but she came back paralysed from her middle down. The second vet told them that she had her spine crushed (Jen’s convinced part of her pelvis is too). Jen adopted her and plans to build her a little cart so that she can walk easier; right now she kind of pulls herself along on her front legs and has some trouble eating (guinea pigs usually use their front paws to help them eat).

     Apparently Petsmart and/or its employees are looking to give away two more rodents that Jen can’t take in for fear of being kicked out of her house. There’s a rat (who I’ve heard is sweet, but Jen says that about most every animal) and a black guinea pig named Tradgedy. Any of you interested, let me or Jen know. I’m sure they’d be free to a good home.

     So right now I’m busy encoding the last of the Futurama (because I forgot and Alan wants them). After that it’s off to the bank to open new checking and savings accounts to go with my first real full time job (that doesn’t involve the word INTERN), because the U of I Credit Union’s debit card BLOWS ASS. They charge you for POINT OF SALE PURCHASES… bah, don’t get me started. Hopefully the new bank won’t try to screw me over.

     After that it’s off to Alan’s and improv. So far, our plans for the week are limited. He has a TA meeting Friday morning, his parents are coming in on Saturday, and he had something to do tonight. So, I may not have much time to hang out with you people in Champaign unless you go to improv. 8pm. Lincoln Hall by the head.

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