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Champaign Visit v10.0, Day 1 & 2

     So I got to Champaign with little to no traffic, in spite of the fact that I left at 3:30. I was very sleepy before I left, and I had a hard time waking up (I guess I’m going to become a Diet Pepsi fan soon; and I thought I would never take a choice among the cola crap). I was in a good mood when I arrived, and Alan and I went to dinner at Empire. I was ten minutes late to improv, and I found that there were only 3 people there already (Katy, Mitch and Lexi). Brian, Scott, and this other guy whose name I forget showed up later, and we played some games for about an hour. Then, how lovely, we got to talking about politics. Rather, I should say, Lexi and the guy (pro-Kerry) and Katy (pro-Bush) got to talking about politics. In other words, it sucked ass.

     When I got back to Alan’s I was in a bad mood (since I probably won’t go to improv ever again due to the employed thing). I talked to Alex on the phone some (who ditched improv to see Super Size Me), and then Alan and I watched The Untouchables, which we hadn’t seen before. It was decent, but it was strange because we had seen many movies that had ripped this movie off. (For example, Al Capone’s last statement “You’re nothing but a lot of talk and a badge” is prominently displayed in Mallrats).

     This morning Alan had a meeting at noon, and he woke up late, so I drove him to it. He’s back now, and I should go shower, so I’ll post later. That’s basically all that’s up. Huzzah to online banking, is all I gotta say. It’s just super neat.

Feeling: Back hurts, dirty, tired.

Listening to: my external hard drive copy 37GB of Futurama to Alan’s computer via USB 1.0