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Champaign Visit v10.0, Day 3

     So, Alan (the bum) is playing hockey. I sat there and watched for a while, but I left when our ride left. Most of the guys are still there, and I’m pretty damn hungry. He’d better get back and make my supper soon. Biatch. Anyway, while I was at the game, I finished my impossibly long scarf. How long is it, you ask? Well, if you count the fringe, it’s TOO long. I have to wrap it around my neck three times for it to not touch the ground. But I love it anyway. Maybe I’ll use it as a belt.

     Today, Alan’s parents came into town and we went to lunch at Dos Reales. It was pretty good, I was happy. After that we went to Sams Club where Alan purchased nearly $200 worth of food. We stopped at Target and Menards (where I found a volleyball PC game on clearance for $3.99). After his parents left, Alan and I watched the rest of the third Die Hard movie, then a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond before his hockey game. I preordered him the first season on DVD for a present a long time ago, so he just got it now (when his parents brought it). It’s nice, and it’s funny, so I would recommend it (based on the first disk). It’s strange how much Alan agrees with Raymond and I agree with his wife. We never laugh at the same jokes in that show. For instance, the grandma told Raymond’s brother that “You don’t have to be sensitive; you’re big,” which erupted Alan into a laugh that must have lasted two minutes. I, on the other hand, gave him an evil stare.

     In the meantime, I’ll sustain my usual-dinner-time-at-5-PM self on goldfish and dried apricots. I would play my new volleyball game, but Alan’s hard drive is practically full with all the Futurama I’m copying. Maybe I can install it to my external… *ponders*

Feeling: HUNGRY

Listening to: Everybody Loves Raymond theme song