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Ugh… First Day at Work

     Sunday I spent 45 minutes waking Alan up. I’m only counting the time it took for him to stand up – 1pm to 1:45. He was fully conscious around 3pm. We watched a couple of Everybody Loves Raymond episodes. We grilled at 5:30. I left for home at 7:30. I got home at 10. I went to sleep at around 2 or 2:30. I’m not sure because I had to stop looking at the clock and put a sleep mask on.

     I woke up at 6:15am, and that hurt. Luckily it was at a good point in my sleep pattern, so I was physically moving and my eyes worked, but not much more was there. Too-rah loo-rah, too-rah loo-rah, yeah. Work was completely hectic. No offense to my boss, Marc, but I spent way too much time with him today. I was working at about full honk all day since everyone needed me to do something for them. I didn’t even have time to Mapquest the place where I had to get a drug test. I am probably going to fall asleep in about an hour. This was my first 8 hour day in more than a year… and I’m used to having Fridays off at school.

Feeling: like I was shot with a tranquilizer dart

Listening to: The Goops – Build Me Up Buttercup