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Oh Crap

     I need help coming up with ideas on what to get Alan for our 2.5 year semi-anniversary (October 21st). I’m hoping to spend between $20 and $30, being that it is a more minor celebration. Any input would be appreciated – especially through post comments; Alan’s the hardest guy in the universe to buy for.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Crap

  1. The Wolves jersey certainly isn’t a bad idea, I’ll have to look into pricing those.

    The Swiss Army knife would be a good idea as well; however, Alan has two AND a huge pocket knife (in the following models):
    Leatherman WaveLeatherman MicraSpyderco Harpy Knife…Don’t ask me why I know this, because I don’t know why I know this. Anyway, thank you guys for the suggestions so far, please keep them coming if possible!

  2. Ok, well it looks like I won’t be needing to pick out something to buy him for this particular holiday, although ideas will help for the pending Christmas holiday.

    In terms of hockey equipment de-smell-ifiers, I don’t trust them. His gloves are RANK, probably the worst things I have ever smelled, and nothing that comes in a bottle is going to get rid of all the stench.

    However, I’m looking into other things that may help remove the smell. Something like a dehumidifier I’ve heard is good… Gotta go to lunch

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