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Coffee is Evil

     …but it’s one of those necessary evils. It’s one of those things that’s so good and so bad for you that it is evil. I got 6 hours of sleep last night, so this morning I was completely drained. After a meeting with Marc that I almost fell asleep in, Lori introduced me to coffee. I immediately felt like I had taken some sort of happy pill.

     Lori was proud and said that if she had another two months, she’d have me smoking. That I seriously doubt, because while I have always believed coffee is evil, it serves a purpose that I truly need filled – being awake after sleeping 6 hours and taking a Benadryl in the morning. Cigarettes may be relaxing (and diet supressing), but I’ve been working on relaxation methods that do not involve anything other than my head and my training from theater classes. It’s more important for me to be able to relax myself without anyone or anything’s help than for me to smoke and ultimately become more tense from the withdrawl.

     After the coffee, the day flew by. I’m doing stuff that is interesting, and it’s important for me to absorb everything that’s going on. I’ve hardly been sitting at my desk at all, so I haven’t had much time to be online at work (not that many of you would message me during then anyway). I do have a work phone, which is awesome, and a direct line, which is awesomer. I was going to take a picture of where I sit, but I can’t find my digital camera. I’ll do it eventually.

     I talked to Alan on the phone today, and it was one of the bad ones. It’s the same old problem. I didn’t cry as hard as I have, but we did talk about really serious stuff. He insisted that I come down to Champaign this weekend instead of next weekend (as the pattern would indicate). He wants to go to the mall and buy each other our 2.5 year semi-anniversary presents, then go to Miko’s or some very nice restaurant. That would mean I would stay home for the weekend of the 22nd and be in Champaign for the Halloween party on the 30th.

Feeling: Exhausted

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