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Champaign Visit v11.0

     Visiting Alan in Champaign this weekend was mostly nice. On Saturday, however, he wasn’t awake when I called (being an hour away). So, I asked him to wake up and take a shower before I got there. I called again at 1:30 when I was a block away – he had fallen asleep right after I called him. So, when I got there, I waited for him to shower and then we went to Chili’s. After Chili’s, we went to Schnucks (since the game just let out and we didn’t want to get caught in traffic going to Meijer. Then we had our lovely dinner. It was very nice. We watched Meet the Parents and then fell asleep.

     Sunday we woke up at around 1, and Alan made pancakes. After that we went to the mall (because he promised!) and he got me my presents for our 2.5 year semi-anniversary. He got me a pretty laser-etched glass cube (it’s a rose) and a neoprene basket-like thing for my car that clips to the air vents. I got him a shirt, and I’m going to order him a flask online. After that we saw Team America: World Police. It was weird and mostly stupid, but I did laugh a few times. Really, though, how many times can you laugh at those sorts of jokes?

     Now I have a really bad headache and I need to go to bed so I can wake up tomorrow morning. I have so much to do though, sigh.

Feeling: Splitting Headache

Listening to: Norah Jones