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I Love my Job

     I came in to work today in spite of feeling like I had the stomach flu last night. I did all I could to take it easy before I showed up, so when I got there I felt okay. I only got nauseated once, and it wasn’t that strong. Lori, on the other hand, went home sick with a cold today just before lunch. Because of this, I got to do stuff for Marc. This included the layouts of flyers and such. The stuff that isn’t creative (number crunching) is making a sizeable section in my planner. I have outlined instructions for most of the stuff that I’ll need to do. It makes me feel good to have these things planned out in such a manner, and it gives me something productive to do so I don’t have to bug anybody with stuff to do. Huzzah.

     My goal is to get to sleep around 7pm today. Alan’s busy puzzlehacking, I think, so at least he’ll be entertained for the duration of the night, if nothing else. If anybody ever wants to reach me, I can’t, at this point, name an appropriate channel. I check my email at lunch and when I get home, but that’s about it. Good luck getting ahold of me during the next week or so. But that means I can sleep!

Feeling: Tired, Dry Air Makes my Nose Hurt.

Listening to: Slipknot – Duality