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Stewie is Happy

     After cleaning his water (and destroying his bubble nest) yesterday, Stewie has a decent bubble nest today. He likes making his a lot thicker than Brian does. At least I know that he’s happy. He’s such a little fish, still. I hope he’s growing.

     Lori called in sick to work today, so I was working for Marc all day. Some of the stuff I did was fun, like flyers and such, but at the end of the day I was stuck doing mailings (which is much different – mailings means we need to develop a mailing list and upload stuff). I guess that’s how it is, no job is all good.

     I received a letter in the mail today from Home Depot that congratulating me on newly owning my parents’ house. Mind you, no deeds exchanged hands, so I’m thinking my bank gave out my information incorrectly. In any event, they sent me a helluva lot of home improvement related coupons. Our home could definitely use some of that aforementioned improvement, so I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Hopefully, we’ll have new locks this weekend, and maybe even more later on. We needed something like this to kick us in the ass about getting more home stuff done. You know it’s bad when your best friend considers sending your house in to those reality home makeover shows. If I’m gonna be living here for a while longer, it will really be necessary.

Feeling: Hopeful

Listening to: Mariah Carey – Miss You Most at Christmastime (Sorry, I know it’s only October)