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work busy

work busy. going to champaign this weekend. might be leaving friday after lori’s going away party – would get there at 11pm or 12am. if not, i’ll leave saturday morning. halloween party saturday night in champaign. home on sunday. maybe doing a small halloween party at my house sunday night (more likely to happen if i leave on friday night).

Feeling: busy

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2 thoughts on “work busy

  1. Much with the busy-ness :(…but I understand you there…life is kind of hectic around here too. Anyway…haven’t seen you in a bit…hopefully catch you sometime when you’re around town ^_^…peace.~

  2. I’ll be in Champaign the weekend of the 13th. I’m not very good at getting in touch with Champaign people that aren’t Alan in one-on-one situations, so generally events are planned.

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