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Pictures. You’re all so demanding…

     Actually, you’re not. In fact, other than my parents, no one said anything until today when Vicki asked me to put them up. So I got off my lazy ass and picked up the camera, plugged it in the computer, and you know the rest. There are COOL PICTURES FROM ERIN’S PARTY (including my costume) available as well. As for you, here are the pictures of where I work, as I promised.

My desk, while I’m working on Congoleum Tactical Pricing Sheets. I wonder if the “TPS Reports” from Office Space refer to this very task…

Aren’t the windows nice?

Man, it’s so much fuller now than it was when I took this picture. Imagine that the shelves are full of binders and a printer. Oh, and add about twelve of those plastic bins to keep papers in.

This is the view from my window. Nothing special. That’s a furniture warehouse called Swingles.

This is an intersection where (I’m told) there are approximately 1-2 accidents per week. Since I’ve started, apparently there haven’t been any. I guess I just have that affect on people. Or ya know, it’s not as bad as they say. Choose your dellusion.

Feeling: Pictured out.

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One thought on “Pictures. You’re all so demanding…

  1. Nice pictures…I want to work in an office like that…mine has like, no windows whatsoever, and it’s always freaking freezing (even in the summer it was cold :(). Anyway, sorry I didn’t get a chance to see you last weekend when you were around, life’s been…hectic…to say the least :(. Catch ya later ^-^.~

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