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     So, I’m working at All Tile. It’s going pretty well, because I like it and all. I’m doing the kinds of things that I figured I’d be doing, even before I heard about this job.

     Alan is good. He’s busy with school most of the time, and when he’s not, he’s busy with CSS and TAing. This year he has a pretty big project for one of his classes. I don’t know how he’s doing in that class, which is kind of a bad thing. Alan hardly ever has a class that he’s not doing particularly well in.

     Happy birthday, Nathaniel!

     I’m driving down to Champaign today to pick up Alan, because I want him to come to my grandma’s Thanksgiving tomorrow. If I didn’t drive down there, his brother would take him home on Monday, which kinda sucks. I have Thursday and Friday off of work, so I will probably do some shopping early Friday morning and I want to go out to the Bamboo Room with Alan Friday evening.

     The Bamboo Room is in Schaumburg, and it’s pretty neat. The atmosphere (before 10pm) is very professional and it seems to be one of the nicer places I’ve been to. After 10, it turns into a nightclub. So, because of this, there are usually a lot of young people there, although occasionally you do see some guy in his 40s bumping and grinding, at which point you need to remind yourself why you’re there – because Nicole needs a guy. 😛

     Jen is still on vacation, so her two guinea pigs & little hamster are still here. One of them bit my dad yesterday. I think they’re getting too spoiled lately. My fish, on the other hand, are getting much less attention than usual, but I don’t know if they like it or not. Really, though, they’re fish, so I don’t particularly care since they won’t whine about it like the guinea pigs will. They’ll become the center of attention again once the fuzzy things leave.

     I have actually started my Christmas shopping. I have a list and everything. I bought some cards and a few gifts. I should work on that now, since I have nothing better to do. Oh wait, yes I do. I have to supervise my dad making pancakes because he burnt them last time. tsk.

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